About the Artist

(The artist shall briefly write in the third person, as is the style of a bio page) Aidan Casserly is a California-based artist, formerly from San Francisco and later relocated to Los Angeles. He received art training at several institutions, namely the American Animation Institute in Burbank.

Aidan works as a storyboard artist, primarily with Animatics & Storyboards Inc and Smorgasbord Productions, having worked on commercial and animation properties as diverse as Barbie, Woody Woodpecker, Talking Tom & Friends, Chop Chop Ninja, Gorillaville (DreamWorks TV), AllState Insurance, Mercedes Benz, Ace Hardware, and Disney Interactive.

Aside from freelance work, Aidan continues to create his own line of comic books and monster magazines, including his creator-owned comic series Scapula (approaching its twelfth year of publication) and Dada Hyena's Creature Show.

Aidan is heavily involved in the SoCal horror scene, with a series of monster-art books and live caricature appearances at spooky-themed stores including Dark Delicacies, the Hyaena Gallery, Toy-Zilla, Black Cat Comics, and the California Institute of Abnormalarts. He is also an art director and performer with the shock rock band The Rhythm Coffin.

Okay, let's get down to business!


Comics and Art Books

Good reading and great art is available for you kind-hearted supporters!

Books that I have done include the complete SCAPULA comic collections and my annual Dada Hyena's Creature Show publication of horror artwork. You can find these for sale in the SCAPULA COMIC STORE.

If you are a retail store owner, two of my books (Scapula: World's Worst Villain and Scapula and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion) are available at wholesale prices; please feel free to contact me regarding bulk sales and shipping rates.


Contact Aidan

General Inquiries can be made to aidancasserlyartist(at)gmail(dot)com. Please read below first for any questions you may have about commissions, merchandise, hiring, my favorite color, who had the TV remote last, etc.



For information about my convention schedule and my next caricaturing session, check the News on the main page of this site. I also suggest following me on Facebook for updates.

For information on hiring my caricature services for special events and private parties in Los Angeles county, please e-mail me with a date and description of the event and I will let you know my rates and availability.

For digital caricature commissions, please read about my freelance services below.


Interested in commissioning my services for your next project?

For freelance work, please contact me with a detailed description of your project and I will happily discuss my rates and services with you. I can provide a time estimate and hourly rate once I know the exact details of the project.

Digital artwork creation and delivery is what I use the most these days (any physical artwork, such as drawings or paintings, will include extra fees for materials and S&H). All artwork is shown to clients on a step-by-step basis, from sketches and concept ideas to work-in-progress shots to final previews. Client input is always welcome, although excessive revisions can often add more hours.

An estimated 50% downpayment is required in advance based on the hours that I quote you at the beginning, along with signing a simple freelance contract that I will provide (if you have legal documents of your own that you would prefer to use, please send them first for review). All completed artwork files will be sent to you after final payments are made (although you will be able to preview all final artwork before accepting and delivering final payment).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my freelance process or if you are ready to begin working on a project together!


Hiring artists/animators?

If you represent a film, games, animation or special effects studio and wish to work with me, please feel free to contact me to check for my availability. I am currently located in North Hollywood, CA, and mainly work in the southern California area. I am also available for off-site work, as needed.